Game Ports
Game port work is our main area of expertise at Binary Motion. We have successfully ported old and new games to current platforms. We follow our own systematic approach from analysis to development and develop our own tools to make the porting process as effective as possible. We are comfortable handling several platforms at the same time and have experience working with both commercial engines and custom in-house engines.
Most of our experiences are focused on current generation consoles, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We can also handle PC and mobile platforms.
Nintendo Switch
We have ported CryEngine to Nintendo Switch to make Crysis Remastered. We also ported Infernal Engine making the ports of games like The Hunt/The Strike and Ghostbusters possible. We used Unity to port Road Redemption to Switch.
We developed World of Warriors for PS4 using Unreal Engine 4. We have ported Infernal Engine to PS4. We used Unity to port Road Redemption to PS4.
Xbox One
We have ported Infernal Engine to Xbox One. We have used Unity to port Road Redemption to Xbox One.
Our preferred engine is Unreal Engine 4. We also have experience with Unity. We can work with custom in-house engines and collaborate in the development of the engine.
Out team is composed of highly experienced C++ programmers. We are always eager to face the next challenge.